Secure E-Commerce (GeT)

Choose a secure E-Commerce (GeT) system. Pay safely and your product will be delivered by cargo to your door. 

What are the advantages when selling products when buying products?

Assurance: Secure E-Commerce (GeT) system secures your money for purchases, you will not take risks. The seller must enter a traceable cargo information into the system within the cargo period specified. Once you receive the product, if you inspect and approve the product, your payment will be transferred from the Secure E-Commerce (GeT) pool account to the seller's account. If you receive a product other than the seller's specified qualifications, you can return the product and cancel the transaction and recover your payment from the Secure E-Commerce (GeT) pool account. Transactions will be automatically approved if you exceed your approval period for transactions entered with shipping information. For this reason, you must follow your transactions and approval period and carry out the approval or rejection process within the relevant period.

You can pay with your credit card. You can track your payment from the information email you provided to your email address during the membership process.

Seller Score:
After completing your purchase, you can share your thoughts about the seller with other users and evaluate the sellers with your score. So with the comments you share, you can direct other recipients through the shopping process and give them an idea.