Enterprise User Agreement

1. Parties
This Corporate Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Membership Agreement"); pidov.com (hereinafter for short "pidov.com" and pidov.com has entered into force in order to become a member of the "Portal" by electronically entering into force between the annexes which are an integral part of this "Membership Agreement" and the terms and rules contained in the "Portal" and the "Corporate Member".

2. Definitions

"Portal": The website where the "pidov.com" site, consisting of a domain name called pidov.com, and subdomains linked to this domain, offers the "Services". 

"User": Refers to every real or legal person who accesses the "Portal".

"Member" : "User" who is a member of the "Portal" and who benefits from the services offered within the "Porta". 

"Corporate Member": A member of the "Portal" and the "User" who operates commercially, benefiting from the services offered under the "Portal" under the terms set forth in this "Membership Agreement". 

"Corporate Membership" ("Membership"): The status gained by the "User" who wants to become a "Corporate Member" upon filling out the "Corporate Membership" form in the "Portal" in full and with real information and with the notification made by "pidov.com". "Membership" rights and obligations are rights and obligations that belong to the applicant, which cannot be transferred in whole or in part to any third party, and "Membership" cannot be a "Corporate Member" until the completion of the "Membership" transactions. The application for "membership" may be rejected by "pidov.com" without any reason, or additional terms and conditions may be requested. "pidov.com" may terminate the "Membership" status of the "Corporate Member" if it deems necessary, and may not accept the "Membership" application which will be made later by the expiration of "Membership" for any reason. 

"Store": "pidov.com" product, which is required by the "Corporate Member" to purchase in order to carry out its commercial activities on the "Portal", where it can enter, manage and exhibit its advertisements. There are 2 types of "Stores" as "Prepaid Store" and "Monthly Paid Store". Without having this product, the services provided by the "Portal" to its "Members" cannot be used. 

"Sub-User": The store owner is the real person who is able to use the relevant "Store" within the scope of the authority granted by the Corporate Member and is obliged to comply with all the rules governed by the "Corporate Member". "Sub-Users" are "Corporate Members" of the "pidov.com" site. 

"pidov.com Services" ("Services"): "Portal") are applications offered by "pidov.com" to enable "Member" to carry out their business and transactions defined in this "Membership Agreement". "pidov.com", "Portal" may make changes and/or adaptations at any time in the "Services" offered in. The rules and conditions that "Member is obliged to comply with in relation to the changes and/or adaptations made shall be announced from the "Portal" to "Member", and the terms and conditions described shall enter into force on the date of publication in the "Portal". 

"content": Refers to all kinds of information, text, files, pictures, videos, numbers, etc. visual, written and auditory images published in the "Portal" and accessible. 

"pidov.com Interface": "pidov.com" and "Members"s content used by "Users" to be viewed by "Users" and queried from "pidov.com Database"; These are internet pages that give commands to the computer program in order to carry out any transactions that can be done through the "Portal" within the designs which are protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and all intellectual rights belong to the "pidov.com" site. 

"pidov.comDatabase": A database protected in accordance with The Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, which belongs to the "pidov.com" site where content accessed within the "Portal" is stored, sorted, questioned and accessed. The "Proprietary" page is a special page for "Corporate Member" which can take the necessary actions to enable "Corporate Member" to benefit from the various applications and "Services" contained in "Portal", enter commercial information, preferences, information requested from it on the basis of the application, and can only be accessed by the username and password determined by "Corporate Member".

3. Subject and Scope of the "Membership Agreement".

The subject of this "Membership Agreement" is the determination of the terms of use of the services offered in "Portal" and the rights and obligations of the parties. All statements made by "pidov.com" regarding the use, membership and services contained in the "Membership Agreement" and its annexes and "Portal" are covered. "User", by accepting the provisions of this "Membership Agreement", agrees and undertakes to comply with the use of "Portal", "Membership" and any statements described by "pidov.com" of the "Services".

4. Corporate Membership

4.1 For Store Owner:

4.1.1 To operate commercially in order to become a "Corporate Member", to apply for membership by the person authorized to represent and communicate a legal entity for legal persons, and by "pidov.com" temporarily under this "Membership Agreement" membership must not be suspended, suspended or banned from membership indefinitely.

4.1.2 "pidov.com" may unilaterally terminate this "Membership Agreement" without any justification, without notice, without notice, without any obligation to compensate, penalties, etc., without any obligation, "Corporate Member". may terminate the inn or temporarily stop it. "Portal" in violation of the rules, "Corporate Member" "pidov.com" risk to the information security system, termination of membership or temporary cessation of membership.

4.1.3 The "Corporate Member" must open a "Store" in order to make advertisements on the "Portal" and to benefit from the services offered by the "pidov.com" site.

4.2 For Sub-User:

4.2.1 The "Sub-User" invitation is made by e-mailing the "Corporate Member" who owns the Store to the real persons he/she wants to invite. The email address sent to the invitation must not be defined in any membership on the "pidov.com". People who wish to accept the "Sub-User" invitation can become "Sub-Users" by filling out the Corporate "Membership" form on the link included in the invitation.

4.2.2 The "Corporate Member" who owns the "Store" is jointly and jointly responsible for all the behavior and transactions of the "Sub-User". Therefore, if the owner of "Store" wants to disconnect from "Corporate Member" for any reason, he or she must immediately do so from the "Users" page in "Private To Me". Otherwise, it will continue to be liable for the actions of the "Sub-User". If the owner of the Store " Corporate Member" removes "Sub-User" from the "Store," "Sub-User" "Corporate Membership" will be inhesination.

4.2.3 Because "Sub-User" can only be a sub-user of a Store, it cannot be a sub-user under a different store.

4.2.4 If the "Corporate Member" closes his "Store" for use, the "Sub-User" may not take any action on the "Portal". The membership of the "Sub-User" is also passive. If the "Store" owner reopens his or her store, the membership of the "SubUser" will be activated without any additional request.

4.2.5 A member with a "Sub-User" cannot open a "Store".

4.2.6 A "Corporate Member" with a "Store" cannot be added as a "Sub-User" to a different "Store".

5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

5.1 "Corporate Member"'s Rights and Obligations

5.1.1 "Corporate Member" acknowledges and undertakes to comply with the rules, declarations, applicable legislation and code stipulated in the "Portal", and understand and approve all terms and rules in the "Portal" with the provisions of the "Membership Agreement".

5.1.2 "Corporate Member", where the "pidov.com" site is obliged to disclose to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation; It acknowledges and undertakes that it is authorized to disclose confidential/private/commercial information of "Corporate Members" to the official authorities and therefore will not seek compensation from the "pidov.com" site under any name whatsoever. Furthermore, if the "pidov.com" site is notified of any person or entity's rights in connection with the advertisements made by the "Corporate Member" on the "Portal"; "Corporate Member" may provide the name-surname/trade name and "Sub-User" information and the necessary company information to the person or entity concerned with "pidov.com".

5.1.3. "Corporate Members are the sole responsibility of third parties to ensure the security of the "username" and "password" used to access the "Membership Account", to ensure that they are used exclusively and individually by themselves, and to keep them from third parties. The "Corporate Member" is responsible for any material and/or moral damages incurred or incurred by other Members and/or "pidov.com" site and/or third parties for negligence or defects in this matter.

5.1.4. "Corporate Member" acknowledges and undertakes that the information and content provided by it within "Portal" is accurate and lawful, and that the publication or display of such information and content on "Portal" or the sale and display of products linked to such content do not constitute any violation of the law in accordance with applicable legislation. "pidov.com", " Corporate Member" by "pidov.com" is not responsible and liable to investigate the accuracy of the information and content transmitted to the site or uploaded by the "Corporate Member" through the "Portal", and shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the incorrect or incorrect content of such information or content.

5.1.5. "Corporate Member", "pidov.com" transfer this "Membership Agreement" or its rights and obligations under this "Membership Agreement" to any third party in whole or in part without the written consent of the site.

5.1.6. "Corporate Member" may act on "Portal" for legal purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility for every action and action taken by the "Corporate Member " within the "Portal" shall be his own. " Corporate Member", "pidov.com" will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, transfer to any other database, or upload to "Portal", which may constitute a violation of the same or personal rights, property of the site and/or any other third party, in a manner that constitutes a violation of the property; "pidov.com" both with these actions and by other means and undertakes not to compete directly and/or indirectly with the government. "pidov.com" due to damages incurred or may suffer by third parties due to activities under the "Portal" which the "Corporate Member " has carried out in violation of the provisions of this "Membership Agreement" and the unlawful conduct of the "Membership Agreement". be held directly and/or indirectly liable for the site.

5.1.7. "pidov.com", "Corporate Members" allow "Corporate Members" to view advertisements and use the "pidov.com Interface" for the sole purpose of learning the contents of the relevant advertisements, and otherwise attempts to access advertisements for a specific number or whole through the database, partial or complete copying of advertisements, their direct or indirect publication, compilation, processing, processing of other databases, the processing of similar acts, including access and availability, links to advertisements on "pidov.com", is not permitted by "pidov.com" and is not consented. Such acts are unlawful and; "pidov.com" site reserves the necessary claims, litigation and follow-up rights.

5.2. "pidov.com" Rights and Obligations of the site

5.2.1. "pidov.com", the services mentioned in this "Membership Agreement"; it accepts, declares and undertakes to fulfill the explanations set forth in the "Portal" regarding the provision of related services and to fulfill them within the conditions set forth in this "Membership Agreement", to establish the technological infrastructure necessary for the provision of the services specified under this "Membership Agreement" and to accept, declare and undertake the operation. the obligation to establish the technological infrastructure specified in this article does not constitute an unlimited and complete service commitment; "pidov.com" may stop or terminate its services and technological infrastructure as set out by this "Membership Agreement" without any notice at all times.

5.2.2. "pidov.com", "Corporate Members", reserves the right to block and delete the information and content uploaded to the system by third parties, including "Portal" users. "pidov.com", may exercise this right without notice and without prejudice. "Corporate Members", "pidov.com" the changes and/or corrections requested by the site must be carried out promptly. "pidov.com" if changes and/or corrections are deemed necessary Can. "pidov.com" any damages, civil and criminal liabilities arising out of or arising out of failure to comply with the requests for changes and/or corrections by the "Corporate Member" in a timely manner shall be the sole responsibility of the "Corporate Member".

5.2.3."pidov.com" may link to other websites and/or portals, files or content owned and operated by third parties. These links are "Corporate Members", or simply because of the ease of reference "pidov.com" and does not constitute any verification statement or warranty to support the website or operator of the link, or to the website or the information it contains. "pidov.com" about portals, websites, files and content accessed through links on the "Portal", portals accessed through these links or services or products offered through these websites, or their content. site has no responsibility.

5.2.4. "pidov.com", "Portal", the functioning of the "Portal", the law, the rights of others, the terms of the "Membership Agreement" and the general code of ethics may remove from access at any time and manner; "pidov.com" "Corporate Member" who enters this message may terminate his membership without notice.

5.2.5. Information such as "pidov.com", name-surname/trade name, telephone number, e-mail address, address, type of business requested at the stage of becoming a "Corporate Member" outside the purpose and scope specified by the "Membership Agreement"; SMS, e-mail, in-site information and similar methods, promotional and informational communication activities, research, marketing activities and statistical analysis for the purpose of making or where necessary to contact the "Corporate Member", to conduct research to improve their processes, to create databases and market research, "pidov.com" can be used to the companies in cooperation with the site, can be transferred, processed and used by these companies.

5.2.6. "pidov.com" may advertise for itself or its customers in all areas it designates as an advertising space on the Portal, including ad pages.

5.2.7. "pidov.com" site, "pidov.com" employees and managers have no obligation to investigate and check the authenticity and accuracy of the content provided by "Members" and "Users" in the "Portal".

5.2.8. "pidov.com", 5651 "Law on The Regulation of Publications made on the Internet and The Fight against Crimes Committed Through These Publications" and in accordance with this Law, the Information Technology and Communication Authority's article no. 17.01.2013 and 581 Document no. "Provider" operates.

6. Privacy Policy
"pidov.com", "Portal", may use information about "Corporate Members" under this "Membership Agreement" and the Privacy Policy in EK-2, which is an annex to and an integral part of this "Membership Agreement". "pidov.com" may only disclose or use confidential information about Corporate Members to third parties under the terms set out in the Privacy Policy.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
"Members", "pidov.com" services, "pidov.com" information and "pidov.com" sell, process, share, distribute, exhibit or display the copyrighted works of the site "pidov.com" they are not entitled to access or use the services of the site. "pidov.com" under this "Portal Terms of Use" "pidov.com" except where permitted by sarahaten may not reproduce, process, distribute or derive from the copyrighted works of the site.

8. "Membership Agreement" Changes
"pidov.com", at its sole discretion and unilaterally, may change this "Membership Agreement" by posting it on the "Portal" at any time it deems appropriate. The amended provisions of this "Membership Agreement" shall enter into force on the date of publication in the "Portal" and the remaining provisions shall remain in force and continue to produce their provisions and results. this "Membership Agreement" cannot be amended by unilateral statements of "Member".

9. Force Majeure
In all cases considered legal force majeure, "pidov.com" it is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of the actions set forth in this "Membership Agreement". This and other situations, "pidov.com" will not be considered a delay, underperformance or performance, or default, or "pidov.com" you will not be able to claim compensation under any name from the site. The term force majeure is a term for force majeure. natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system improvement or renovation, and therefore malfunctions, power outages and bad weather conditions, including, but with, except for the reasonable control of the party concerned and "pidov.com" will be interpreted as unavoidable events that the site has taken the necessary care to prevent.

10. Law and Authority to Be Applied
In the case of foreignness in the implementation, interpretation and management of legal relations arising under this "Membership Agreement", Turkish law shall be applied except for the rules of conflict of laws. Courts and enforcement agencies of Turkey are authorized to resolve any dispute arising out of or arising out of this "Membership Agreement".

11. "pidov.com" Validity of Records
"Member", "pidov.com" in disputes arising out of this "Membership Agreement". the electronic and system records, commercial records, book records, microfilm, microchips and computer records that the site keeps in its database, servers, will constitute reliable binding, definitive and exclusive evidence,"pidov.com" that the site has been under oath since the offer of oath, and that this article is hmk 193. It acknowledges, declares and undertakes that it is a contract of evidence in the sense of article.

12. Effective
The supplements referred to in this "Membership Agreement" and the "Membership Agreement" and the rules and conditions contained in the "Portal" are entered into into force electronically with the electronic approval of the "Member" has entered. The invalidity, non-compliance or non-enforceability of any provision of the "Membership Agreement" shall not affect the enforcement of the remaining provisions of the "Membership Agreement".

13. Annexes of the "Membership Agreement"
13.1 "Corporate Member", this "Membership Agreement" and the supplements that are an integral part of the "Membership Agreement" "Annex-1 Terms of Use, Annex-2 Store Usage Rules Annex-3 Privacy Policy Annex -4 Announcement, Sale Supply, Listing prohibited Product and The Services, Annex-5 Store Usage Rules" and also agree scribe the contents of the terms and rules published in the Portal, "Membership Agreement" as a "Corporate Member" and all terms and rules published in the Portal unconditionally and unconditionally accepts that he will act.

Annex-1 Terms of Use, Annex-2 Store Usage Rules Annex-3 Privacy Policy, Annex-4 Announcement, Supply for Sale, Prohibited Products and Services