Store Usage Rules

"Corporate Member": "" are individual companies and legal entities operating in commercial activities who are members of the "Portal" and who benefit from the services offered within the "Portal" within the terms set out in this agreement.

"Moderation": The process by which the accuracy of the company information declared by Users for Corporate Membership is checked by "" Customer Service.

"Category": The advertisements given in the "Portal" are grouped in the titles OF REAL ESTATE, VASITA, SECOND HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING, SPARE PARTS ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT & TUNING, BUSINESS MACHINES & SANAI, ANIMAL KINGDOM, DAILY COTTAGE, SMALL CAR, MOTOSIKLET, and each one is grouped separately" Category" is defined as.

"Package": A predefined ad limit for the number and location of advertisements contained in it, which "Corporate Member" or "Sub-Users" can use during an invoice period.

"Additional notice": "Corporate Member" or "Sub-Users" to issue a new ad or republish the expired ad after completing the ad limit in the package during an invoice period.

"Store": "" product, which is required by the "Corporate Member" to purchase in order to carry out its commercial activities on the "Portal", where it can enter, manage and exhibit its advertisements. There are 2 types of "Stores" as "Prepaid Store" and "Monthly Paid Store".

"Prepaid Store": "Stores" that can be sold for 6 months or 12 months for "Corporate Members" are defined as "Prepaid Store". ANIMAL KINGDOM, the "Stores" in its category will be subject to the "Prepaid Store" rules. As of 23.11.2015 for the second HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING category, as of 19.04.2016 for business MACHINES & INDUSTRY category, SPARE PARTS ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT & TUNING category for the second HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING category is dated 09.05.2016 as of 27.06.2016, as of 27.06.2016, the DAILY CATEGORY has been discontinued.  SECOND HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING "Category" "Prepaid Store" purchased "Corporate Members" are confirmed to be operating commercially.

"Monthly Paid Store": REAL ESTATE, VASITA, SMALL CAR, MOTOSIKLET, BUSINESS MACHINES & INDUSTRY, SECOND HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING, RESERVE, where "Corporate Members" who have been verified as operating commercially, where the advertised "Packages" are offered monthly payments PART ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT & TUNING, "Stores" in the DAILY CATEGORY are defined as "Monthly Paid Store". "Stores" in the SECOND HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING category after 23.11.2015, "Stores" in the BUSINESS MACHINES & INDUSTRY category since 19.04.2016, "Stores" in the CATEGORY OF SPARE PARTS ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT & TUNING since 09.05.2016, After 27.06.2016, "Stores" in the DAILY RENTAL category will be subject to " Monthly Paid Store rules" if they renew their "Prepaid Store" or purchase a "Monthly Paid Store".

"My Store": Website to "Corporate Member" by making and managing domain name registration applications, which are submitted to the "Corporate Member" on behalf of the "Corporate Member" with the information declared by the "Corporate Member" to be limited to 1 (one) piece. is the product offered to the "Monthly Paid Stores" in the VASITA and KILIK VEHICLE categories, which provide location providers and transfer the advertisements it enters into the "Store" to the website provided.

"My Real Estate Office": If requested by the "Corporate Member" on behalf of the "Corporate Member" with the information declared by the "Corporate Member" to be limited to 1 (one) piece, domain name registration applications are submitted to the "Corporate Member" by making and managing the web the site is the "Real Estate Portfolio Management System" product under the "Portal" of "", which is offered only to "Prepaid Store" and "Monthly Paid Stores" in the REAL ESTATE category.

The following 1-3 of the Corporate Membership Rules. The section arranged between items is for all "Stores", 4-10. the section regulated in the articles will be applied to "Monthly Paid Stores". Regulations for the cancellation of "Prepaid Store" and "Monthly Paid Store" 11. It is contained in the article.

1. Corporate Membership Rules

1.1 Corporate Membership Rules; It contains the rules regarding the use of "Store" of "Corporate Members" and will govern with the "" Portal Membership Agreement and its annexes. in cases where these Corporate Membership Rules do not regulate, the Membership Agreement and the arrangements contained in its annexes shall apply, in the event of a contradiction between the two; these Corporate Membership Rules will be deemed valid. "" reserves the right to amend the Corporate Membership Rules at any time, and changes and campaigns will come into force on the date of publication on the "Portal". The "Corporate Member" continues to use the "Store" from the date of the change, which means that he automatically accepts the renewed rules.

1.2 In order for the name "Store" to be opened by "Corporate Member" to be displayed correctly in the lists, it must be entered as a 'Company Name'. No icons, symbols, or signs can be used in the name of "store".

1.3 In the name, description, logo, subtitle, special category names, promotional pages, ad titles and descriptions of the "Store"; political statements, links to e-mail and websites, visual saline and reminiscent of this (.com, .net, .org, .edu, etc.) are not available. The name of "store" is 3. a company or brand name registered by individuals.

1.4 "Sub-Users" invited by the "Corporate Member" must also ratify the Corporate Membership Rules.

1.5 "Store" provides services to only one company or a single branch of the company, including franchise firms. When it comes to companies with branches, a separate "Store" must be purchased for each branch. An ad for more than one company or multiple branches of a company cannot be published in a "Store". "" will be able to act according to the criteria of different address information in determining the branch presence. All or part of the rights arising from "Store" or "Store" may not be used, transferred or used in any way to a third party.  

1.6 Products that are not included in the "Prohibited Products List" within the "Store" and which comply with applicable laws and other legislation may be offered for sale.

1.7 When selling products within the "Store", the "listing rules" should not be exceeded.

1.8 "Store" periods 1 month is considered as a standard '30 days'.

1.9 Only "Corporate Members" can open a "Store". Legal entities are required to enter the Tax Number with the Tax Office, the tc ID No. of the individual companies and other information requested by "" in the system in full and accurate manner.

1.10 Ads in the "Prepaid Store" are published within "limits". Ads in "Monthly Paid Stores" are 4. and the 8th. published according to the rules in the articles.

1.11 "Corporate Members" can open 1 "Store" on a "Category" basis.  If an ad can be advertised in a single "Category" in the "Store" and if it is requested to be advertised in a different "Category"; a new "Store" must be purchased.  "Prepaid Stores" cannot open more than one "Store" with the same username. "Monthly Paid Stores" can open a "Store" according to the rules of Article 5.3.

2. Conditions of Collective Doping Use

2.1 "Doping" is a product that highlights the ad and allows it to be viewed by many more people at the set price. "Collective Doping" is the possibility of multiple dopings being purchased at once and can only be purchased by "Corporate Members" and "Sub-Users".

2.2 The duration of each "Doping" is a minimum of 1 (one) week from the publication of the "Doping" ad. If "doping" is cancelled before the end of the term, the fee will not be refunded. The "Doping" used in each ad applies only to the ad in which it is used, but cannot be transferred to another ad.

2.3 When the "Doping" ad is deleted or removed from the publication, the "Doping" applied to that ad is fully used and the unused period of "Doping" is no longer available.

2.4 "Corporate Member" receiving "Collective Doping" may not use the remaining "Doping" until the termination of its Corporate Membership until it renews its Corporate Membership.

2.5 The duration of "Doping" taken through "Mass Doping" is 180 days from the moment "Doping" is defined in the system. "Mass Doping" which is not used within 180 days is considered to have been used and will cease to be valid. No refund situated for any of these fees.

2.6 "Doping" purchases for "Mass Doping" cannot be replaced by different "Dopings".

2.7 "Collective Doping" applies to the "Corporate Member" who receives this "Doping" and cannot be transferred to any other "Corporate Member".

2.8 Free/gift "Dopings" issued under "Bulk Dopings", campaign mass doping sales and/or various other campaigns are non-refundable.

2.9 If the use of "Store" is made passive by ""; The refund of "Bulk Doping" defined in the "Store" is calculated at the volume price charged. The fee for those used is calculated from the unit price at the time of termination of the Corporate Membership by "" and the balance is deducted from the "Collective Doping" fee and the balance price is refunded. However, "Mass Doping" under campaign "Mass Doping" sales and/or various other campaigns is not included in the refund coverage.

3. Campaign Conditions

3.1 "" has the right to organize various campaigns, sweepstakes, etc. for "Stores" from time to time. "Stores" are required to participate in these campaigns, sweepstakes and other events using their 'UserName'. Transactions made by "Sub-Users" with a 'UserName' do not entitle the "Corporate Member" to participate in the campaign and/or sweepstakes.

3.2 The general terms for such campaigns and sweepstakes organized by "" are as follows: "" reserves the right to set different or additional terms for any campaign or sweepstakes.

3.2.1 In order to benefit from any sweepstakes and campaigns, the transaction granting the right to participate in the sweepstakes or campaign must be carried out within the duration of the sweepstakes and/or campaign stipulated by "".

3.2.2 In cases such as the withdrawal and/or return of the transaction granting the right to participate in the sweepstakes and/or participation in the campaign for any reason prior to the conclusion of the campaign, the "Corporate Member" shall also lose the right to participate in the sweepstakes and/or campaign. "Store" acknowledges that the transaction cannot be withdrawn or refunded following the end of the sweepstakes and/or campaign.

3.2.3 In order to participate in any campaign or sweepstakes or to benefit from the campaign or sweepstakes, the Corporate Membership must not be cancelled by "" or by the Corporate Member.

4. Corporate Membership Rules ("Monthly Paid Store")

4.1 "Sub-Users" invited by the "Corporate Member" must also ratify the Corporate Membership Rules.

4.2 Corporate Members who switch to the "Monthly Paid Store" or purchase monthly paid stores for the first time cannot switch to the Prepaid Store.

4.3 04.03.2015 For the first time wishing to become a Corporate Member, those who renew from the expired "Prepaid Stores" in the REAL ESTATE category and stores in the REAL ESTATE category will be subject to the "Monthly Paid Store" rules.

4.4 "Corporate Member" who wants to buy a GALLERY product for the VASITA category after becoming a "Corporate Member" will be subject to the Galerim Agreement in the link to the Galerim Agreement.

4.5 "Corporate Member" who wants to buy a REAL ESTATE OFFICE product for the REAL ESTATE category after becoming a "Corporate Member" will be subject to the Real Estate Office Agreement in the link to the Real Estate Office Agreement.

4.6 23.11.2015 For the first time wishing to become a Corporate Member, the second HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING category stores and those who renewed in the REAL ESTATE category "Prepaid Stores" are subject to the rules of "Monthly Paid Store" Will. Those who have an Advance Paid Store can purchase a Package if they wish to go to the Monthly Paid Store. In this case, the rights to the Prepaid Store will be terminated. 

5. Corporate Membership Request

5.1 The user may report his /"Corporate Member" request to "" in three ways:

5.1.1 Requesting a Corporate Membership upon expiration of the previously opened "Store"

5.1.2 Requesting a Corporate Membership before the expiration of the pre-opened "Store"

5.1.3 Requesting A Corporate Membership by a new user who is not a "Portal" member

5.2 Requesting a Corporate Membership is conducted by interview with Customer Service or Sales Teams. If the user has requested a Corporate Membership before the expiration of the existing "Prepaid Store", the balance fee for the period in which he did not use the paid price shall be credited to the Corporate Membership. In this case, the User's postings will remain on the air until the current ad release period expires. If the advertisements in the current store of the "Corporate Member" are put back on the air after the expiration of the advertising period; but below 8. it is possible if it complies with the conditions specified in the article.   

5.3 Multiple "Stores" cannot be purchased with the same UserName, Phone Number, Address, Tax Number or TC Identification Number.

5.4 When older users whose membership has been closed or closed want to reopen their membership with the same UserName, Tax Number or TC Identification Number, their outstanding invoices from previous periods must have been paid. 

6. Control of Corporate Membership - "Moderation"

6.1 In the process of "Moderation" in Corporate Membership, the accuracy and compliance of other company information such as Commercial Title, Tax Office, TC ID No/Tax No.

6.2 The "Corporate Member" is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in 6.1. Additional documentation may be requested if necessary to verify the accuracy of the information.

6.3 When the correction of information found to be incomplete or incorrect is requested by "", the correction will be expected to be completed for the opening of the "Store". If the corrective requests are not met within 7 days, the "Store" purchase request will be cancelled.

6.4 In the event of a change in the information whose "Moderation" has been completed; "Corporate Member" will update the information on the portal within 30 days and inform "". The information entered during the information will be processed according to the pre-change information until the "Moderation" of the information is completed.

6.5 Upon detection that the "Corporate Member" has provided false or inaccurate information, his "Store" and Corporate Membership may be cancelled immediately. The "Corporate Member" whose "Store" has been cancelled will be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by "" and/or third parties.

6.6 Multiple stores are not allowed to operate under the same Store name and/or Store logo. Corporate Members who wish to use the same Store name and Store logo are asked to provide branch activity documents that certify that they operate at different addresses. In the event that the Store is found to be operating contrary to these rules, "" reserves the right to close this Store.

7. Subscription Age and Badge Acquisition

7.1 "Subscription Age" is the "Store" ownership period of "Corporate Member" under "" and begins on the date "Store" opens for the first time in " " with that UserName. The "Subscription Age" of the "Corporate Member" is 1 (one) on the date the "Store" is opened, and the "Subscription Age" will increase one year upon completion of each 12-month period. If corporate membership is cancelled for any reason or "" shuts down the "Store" if the same UserName does not reopen within 90 days; The "Subscription Age" is reset, and the "Subscription Age" of the new "Store" opened by "Corporate Member" after the reset begins as of the opening date of the new "Store".

7.2 Each "Corporate Member" will have a badge based on the "Subscription Age" and will be displayed in the "Store" advertisements of the "Corporate Member" and on the "Store" website. "Corporate Member" states that the badge is merely an information about the subscription duration, and that the products and services offered by "Corporate Member" or "Corporate Member" are in any way supported by "" and will not make such statements to the site users.

7.3 If it is determined that "Corporate Member" or "Sub-User" does not comply with the "Store" rules, a temporary or permanent closure sanction may be imposed on the "Store". If sanctions are imposed, the Subscription Age that appears on the badge will be reset, even if the "Store" is reopened.

8. Packages

8.1 Being a "Corporate Member" depends on the purchase of the "Store" product and in order for the "Store" to be used, at least 1 "Package" must be connected to the "Monthly Paid Store" without "Package" can not be owned. The fee for the "Monthly Paid Store" consists of the fees for the "Packages" connected to the "Store" and, if applicable, the sum of the "Additional Ad" fees.

8.2 "Package" options offered by "" will select "Package" on the basis of province, category and number of advertisements (e.g. istanbul Vehicle Package). A single "Package" can be purchased for use in the same "province". "Packages" can only be used for the "province" in which they were purchased, and for another province, the "Package" for that province must be purchased.

8.3 "Packages" may be purchased with or without commitment, and when requested to be cancelled:

8.3.1 In the Registered Package: "Corporate Member" wishes to exit the Registered Package prior to the commitment period; the cancellation of the package selected will take place at the end of the relevant billing period, and the discount received during the commitment period will be calculated according to the monthly fees of the "Uncommitted Packages" in that period, the resulting difference will be billed to him and the "Corporate Member" will be liable to " within 10 days".

8.3.2 In the Uncommitted Package: The cancellation of the package chosen by the "Corporate Member" will take place at the end of the relevant billing period and no refund will be made for that period.

8.4 Unless otherwise agreed, the duration of the "Packages" is defined on a monthly basis, and the definition of "Package" is automatically renewed on a monthly basis unless the "Corporate Member" informs "Customer Service" of the request for "Package" cancellation. "Package" cancellation requests will be notified to "" Customer Service. Cancellation on request will take place when the "Package" expires and the "Corporate Member" will be able to continue to use the existing "Package" until the "Package" expires. However, "Package" will not be able to use "Corporate Member" "Additional ad" following the cancellation request. The invoice for the purchased "Package" is subject to the 1st and 10th months of the month according to the preference of the "Corporate Member". or 20th day, the "Corporate Member" must have notified the cancellation request no later than 1 day before the end of the working hour.

8.5 Requests to switch between packages will be forwarded to "" Customer Service. "Package" transitions will be made as shown in the table below, depending on whether the "Corporate Member" has a commitment to the existing "Package":

It can be switched at the end of the package period or switched to the top package during the same period before the package period ends. As soon as the "package" is used, the commitment period begins. 

8.6 In order for the "Corporate Member" to make a "Package" change, he or she must not have an unpaid invoice. If the "Corporate Member" wants to take immediate advantage of the new "Package" limit; The difference between the "Package" used before the migration and the "Package" amount that has been switched is added to the following invoice. If the "Corporate Member" does not choose to take immediate advantage of the new "Package" limit, he or she will switch to the new "Package" at the beginning of the next term. Transitions to the Sub-Pack can only be made at the end of the period.

8.7 The "Corporate Member" owner of the "Registered Package" may switch to any of the Top Packages in the "Portal" and make the change between the Upper Packages more than once during the commitment period. However, the "Registered Package" owner "Corporate Member" can only be transferred to the Sub-Pack within the commitment period, and up to two levels can be accomplished as a transition to the Underlying Package.

8.8 The owner of the "Registered Package" or "Unregistered Package" "Corporate Member" may make the "Package" change only between the "Packages" sold for the same "province".

8.9 "" automatically notifies the Corporate Member 1 month before the end of his commitment to renew his Commitment Package. If the owner of the "Registered Package" does not notify the invoice for the period of expiration of the commitment no later than 1 day before the end of the working hours; the commitment will be automatically renewed at the current price with the same "Package" content. The "Uncommitted Package" will be automatically renewed at current prices as long as it is not cancelled.

8.10 The number of advertisements issued by "Corporate Members" and "Sub-Users" and the "Additional Advertisement" customs are published in the field of 'Special-Reports' and the control and follow-up of the "Corporate Member" is the responsibility.

8.11 "Corporate Member" accepts and undertakes that "" reserves the right to make changes to "Package" options, contents, prices, campaign terms and "Package" terms of use at any time.

9. Credit Card Information Registration

9.1 The "Corporate Member" will identify credit card information to the system of the company he works for to save and store the credit card information of "" in order to pay for the service he has received.

9.2 Corporate Member approving corporate membership rules approves the company where "" works for the purpose of recording, storing and collecting credit card information, and storing, recording and protecting this information that the obligation is in the company where "" works, that if this company changes, it consents to the transfer of credit card information to the new company to work on, and that credit card information is recorded and stored as of the date of the transfer, it accepts, declares and undertakes that the responsibility for its use in payments shall belong to the transferred company.

9.3 The "Corporate Member" who ratifies the Corporate Membership rules shall ensure that the use of credit card information is at its own request and approval in each transaction and that "" shall be liable for the retention of card information. and agrees, declares and undertakes to waive the right to take legal action against "" regarding the storage of card information.

9.4 Credit card insertion is carried out through the 'Card Insertion Step' at the time of the opening of the "Store" and it is not possible to do so through the bank.  After the credit card insertion step is completed, the "Corporate Member" can add a new credit card from the 'My Private-Payment Information' area and edit the existing credit card. Because "Corporate Member" must have at least one credit card registered in the system, existing card information cannot be deleted without adding a new credit card.

9.5 The fee paid by the "Corporate Member" for the services received from "" will be automatically charged on the credit card defined by the "Corporate Member" upon the arrival of the payment day.

10. Billing and Payment

10.1 A single invoice will be issued on a monthly basis for the total amount to be paid for all "Packages" purchased by the "Corporate Member" and for their use of "Additional advertisements". The invoice cut-off date will be set on the 1st, 10th or 20th of each month, depending on the preference of the "Corporate Member". The invoice cut-off date set by the "Corporate Member" will also apply to the new "Packages" it will receive.

10.2 Invoicing will be made at the beginning of the "Package" period to be serviced and payments will be charged in advance at the beginning of each billing period. The first invoice following the opening of the "Store" will be calculated proportionally based on the time between the date of registration of the "Corporate Member" and the date of the invoice and will be added to the invoice price for the month in which the advance payment will be received.

10.3 The balance fee for the period paid but not used by the "Corporate Member" who requests to move to the "Monthly Paid Store" before the expiration of the existing "Prepaid Store" will be defined to the Corporate Member, and the "Package" and/or "Additional Ad" fees will not be billed until this balance is passed.

10.4 The "Additional notice" fee to be accrued in the event of an ad in excess of the current package of the "Corporate Member" and the difference in fees arising from the change between "Packages" will be reflected in the next invoice. The "Corporate Member" must not have an unpaid invoice in order to benefit from the "Supplementary Ad".

10.5 "Corporate Member" will be able to change the invoice cut date at any time through "" Customer Service and the invoice will be billed by making a proportional calculation (prorata) for the period between the registered invoice cut-off date and the selected invoice date. In the event of a billing cut-off date change;

10.5.1 The invoice cut-off date may be changed by the "Corporate Member" who owns the "Registered Package" only once in a commitment period.

10.5.2 In the event of a bill cut-off date change by the "Corporate Member" who owns the "Uncommitted Package"; no changes will be made again during the subsequent 3 (three) billing periods.

10.6 The invoice of the "Corporate Member" will include "Package" (s),"Additional advertisement" usage information, amount to be paid including VAT. If the User who is a "Corporate Member" has a balance amount that has not been paid in advance, this amount will be visible by the "Corporate Member" under 'My Payment Information' on the 'Private' page. 

10.7 Upon the invoice issued on the 1st, 10th or 20th of each month according to the preference of the "Corporate Member", the credit card will be collected on the date of the invoice cut off and the relevant invoice will be sent to the "Corporate Member". In the event that the collection cannot be carried out for any reason; "Corporate Member":

10.7.1 The invoice will continue to use its "Store" with all its functions for 10 days from the date of cutting. There will be no restrictions due to non-payment of the invoice, but will not be eligible for "Additional ad" rights, will not receive a new "Package" or will not be able to make a "Package" change. For a period of 10 days, the invoice amount will be attempted to withdraw from the registered credit cards.

10.7.2 Invoice 11 after the cut-off date. if the collection is still not realized in the period between the day and the second invoice cut-off date; a new ad cannot be made, a passive ad will not be published, but the advertisements in the publication can be edited, removed from publication and will still be able to use the "Corporate Member" 'Private' page. During this period, the invoice amount will be tried to be withdrawn from the registered credit cards.

10.7.3 If the collection has not yet been made by the date of the second invoice cut off; All advertisements of the "Corporate Member" will be removed from publication, the use of "Sub-Users" connected to "Store" and "Store" will be closed, and legal proceedings will be initiated for the collection of receivables. "Corporate Member" will not be able to log in to the 'Private To Me' page as of this date. If there are "Packages" that the "Corporate Member" has received undertaken, the regulation in article 8.3.1 shall apply. If there are "Packages" that the "Corporate Member" receives undertaken, the commitment discounts it receives retrospectively for those "Packages" will be billed to the "Corporate Member". For 90 days after the "store" is closed, the invoice amount will be withdrawn from the registered credit cards. When there is a debt to the "Store", the same UserName, Tax Number or TC Identification Number will not be allowed to open a "Store". Even if invoices are collected for a period of 90 days, the "Store" will be closed. If the "Corporate Member" wishes to reopen the "Store", he or she will be obliged to re-enforce all transactions to open the "Store". For the ongoing advertisements of the Secure Electronic Commerce (GET) process for the SECOND HAND AND ZERO SHOPPING category, the Corporate Member will be able to complete the GET process only with support through the Call Center of "".

10.8 The total monthly invoice to be issued to the "Corporate Member" shall not exceed 6,000.-TL (Six thousand Turkish Lira) per month. If this limit is reached, the "Corporate Member" will not be able to take any additional transactions subject to a fee. "" reserves the right to change this upper limit amount at any time, at any rate.

11. Cancellation of Corporate Membership and "Stores";

In the event that the "Corporate Member" wishes to close his "Store" or if the terms arose, "" will cancel his "Store" as well. No matter what way the Corporate Membership is terminated, the "Store" of the "Corporate Member" will also be automatically closed. The following 11.1 - 11.3. Regulations between items for all "Stores", 11.4 - 11.9.  regulations will apply to "Monthly Paid Stores". The cancellation of the "Prepaid Store" was arranged at 11.10.

11.1 In the event of any of the following cases, "" may stop corporate members and sub-users from posting or suspend the right to use the "Store" and terminate Corporate Membership if non-compliance persists. 

- Corporate Members and/or Sub-Users to engage in conduct that constitutes a violation of the Corporate Membership Rules and/or the "" Portal Membership Agreement, creating infringements of rights,

- Providing incomplete, incorrect or inappropriate information during or after opening "Membership" and "Store"

- violation of the Advertising Rules

- To engage in unlawful and immoral attitudes and behaviors

In the event of suspension of the "Store"; "Corporate Member" and "Sub-Users" may not be entered within the specified period of time. In this case, the "Corporate Member" whose "Store" has been closed for any direct or consequential damages incurred by "" and/or third parties will be liable. In the event that Corporate Membership is terminated by "" upon continued non-compliance; No refund will be made to the Corporate Member.

11.2 In the event of the cancellation of the Corporate Membership by "" due to the "Corporate Member"'s voluntary wish to cancel his or her membership or fail to meet its obligations; no more return to individual membership, no more rights granted to the 'Individual Member'.

11.3 If the "Corporate Member" is found to have provided untruthful or inaccurate information, the "Store" may be closed immediately or suspended until the information is corrected. In this case, the "Corporate Member" whose "Store" has been closed for any direct or consequential damages incurred by "" and/or third parties will be liable.

11.4 "Monthly Paid Stores" must have at least 1 package defined to the Corporate Member. If there are no defined packages or if their packages have been cancelled, Corporate Membership will be automatically cancelled. Package cancellation 8.3 and 8.4. are included in the articles.

11.5 In the event that the Corporate Member in the "Monthly Paid Stores" wishes to voluntarily cancel his or her membership or his membership terminated by ""; any free/gift doping stipulated for any reason is not included in the refund and will be cancelled.

11.6 If invoices cannot be collected by the next invoice date, the "Store" will be closed. Rules for non-payment of invoices 10.7. is included in the article.

11.7 If the "Corporate Member" has applied for a "Store" or has requested the Galerim Management System at a later date, the Galerim Management System will be cancelled with the cancellation of the Corporate Membership.

11.8 If the "Corporate Member' cancels his 'Package' and does not have a 'Package', his "Store" will be closed at the end of the "Package" period in which he requested the cancellation. The rules for the cancellation of the "package" are 8. is included in the article.

11.9 If the "Store" is cancelled for any reason or cancelled by "", the same user does not receive the "Store" product again within 90 days; The "Subscription Age" is reset, and after the reset, "Corporate Member"'s "Subscription Age" begins as of the date the new "Store" product is purchased.

11.10 The request for the cancellation of corporate membership of the "Prepaid Stores" shall be made by written application within 30 days from the date of membership activation. No refund stipulated by the Member whose activation date exceeds 30 days and who wants to terminate his Corporate Membership is not refunded. Within a period of 30 days from the date of activation, the Corporate Member who requests the cancellation of the Corporate Membership shall be refunded by deducting a monthly rental fee (1 Year subscription fee / 12) and an additional 30% premature termination fee for the total price paid for the "Store". If there is free/gift doping provided to the Prepaid Store for any reason in addition to the cancellation within a 30-day period, the cost of the doping used will be deducted from the refundable amount. in order for cancellation to take place, the Corporate Member must present a refund invoice.