Why Should I Open a Store?

To take your place in the big and unique world of the Internet, just open a store at pidov.com to start trading immediately! And now your stores are more convenient, more efficient, more feature-enabled and accessible to more users.

Individual Users can place a limited number of ads, a limited number of photos.

You can reach a wider audience by opening a store.

Start earning store open on pidov.com site.

It's a great space with your own store name, you can design it in a simple way, and your products are published quickly without waiting for approval time for your ads. You can create a special store page for all the products you want to sell, allowing you to promote your store to millions of users. In this way, you can contribute to your brand awareness with the sales you will make by reaching a wide audience. In this way, as store owner, you can deliver your products to countless customers around the world.

Set your goals correctly when opening a Store on the pidov.com site.

By opening a store, you can bring your products to countless buyers around the world. Thanks to the store you have opened, you will have the chance to enter more product types and you will be able to sell more. You'll be able to reduce your costs and showcase your portfolio for longer periods of time. Don't waste time listing your products again. List your product portfolio for longer in your Store, save time and track your inventory more easily. Selling from our Stores will increase your reliability and allow your customers to shop more easily, faster and safely. We also offer you the opportunity to shape your store and create your own brand according to the visuals you want.

Users can access your ads more easily.

If you want the ads in your store to stand out, you can choose the logo, color and visual design of your store according to your request and your product portfolio. You can also promote your Store when your ads are photo-enhanced in search results lists and promote your products.

Store Features

Private Subdomain For Your Company Name (your company.pidov.com)

Your Store's Name in internet Browsers Title

Publishing Unlimited ads Without Limits (Free)

Being able to add Logo and Promotional Letter to your Store Page

In-store Advanced Search Engine

Automatic Ad Approval for announcement Publishing and Updating

Ability to Add In-Store Custom Categories

Listing Numbers in In-Store Special Categories

Authorised Member User Assigning for Store

Add up to 20 Pictures in ads

Add Videos to ads

The store features mentioned above may vary by the type and store you choose.

If you open a store;

1. Buyers can access your products much more easily.

2. You can offer products of various categories to buyers under the same roof.

3. Your products and services will appear in your shop at the same time.

4. By moving your physical shop here, you will introduce your store with your company logo and pictures and you will exhibit your products and services more easily.

5. You make the sale of e-commerce on the store more reliable.

6. When you open a store, you become the corporate enterprises of pidov.com. That way, your business will be easier.

7. You can explain yourself, your business, the service areas you provide in the store in our section and explain yourself and your business to your customers more easily.

8. Opening a store takes you to a more corporate point.