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You can give your ads on the site, put them up for sale, review the advertisements for the product you are looking for, compare the 2nd hand prices for sale in your area and trade with confidence. makes it easier to sell your ads by posting your ads over the internet, and allows you to post your ads on many affiliated websites.

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On the site, you can examine it from automobiles to housing advertisements, business machines for sale, business centers, computer technologies and quickly contact the ad owner to buy. you can closely follow all the houses, businesses, car advertisements and current vehicle prices, news and campaigns you are looking for, and you will not miss any developments. always aims to develop and grow with affordable doping and robust structure.

In 2018, we set out to add value to the on-line shopping market and meet the needs of internet users in the advertising and shopping sector with the widest product range and the best service quality.

Institutionalization in today's trade market has become one of the indispensable conditions of growth and self-acceptance in the market. Institutionalized companies give more confidence to the customer and improve the quality of service provided. In this context, by taking our dreams and targets a step further, we present our understanding of activity and service to you with our corporate identity.; With the development of technology, we offer products and services in a computer environment without going away as a social lyric and on-line shopping site consisting of "real estate, auto, computer, mobile phone, electronics, antiques, clothing, furniture, staff, job seekers, service and various categories" which we offer to people who want to buy, sell and/or rent products and services in a computer environment.

We are asserting that you can reach your dream Product and Service at the most affordable price on the site and that you can sell the Products and Services you own in the fastest way.

Turkey's most visited ad and on-line shopping;

Thank you to everyone who prefers us.